As you can see there is some experimentation going on.
November 1, 2013 Site News


Just testing a few other ‘look-and-feel’ solutions and alternate formats. You should have seen it earlier, changing looks every five minutes.

The possibilities are very large, but a new model of theme-building has taken over the community. Themes are released as “lite” or limited, to try to get people to try them, but to get the versions with all the features, you have to buy a full version.

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  1. I am very much enjoying where is *going* …. for one thing it’s great fun to watch the evolvement of this site as it finds itself, how it wants to look, how it wants to *feel*.
    I think creating your Facebook Page is a very good undertaking.
    You are spinning a strong Thread that shall lead here ……..

  2. I was wondering if anyone had opinions on things like:

    1. What sort of look-and-feel should we be aiming for? This current appearance is one of many possible “magazine formats”, and it can be edited and customized in many directions, or, we could decide on some other form of magazine format.

    The version just before this was one of many possible “community formats”. it’s emphasis was on promoting discussions. (The community tools are still available, by the way, they have been momentarily moved out of sight, but they still function, and can be made part of a magazine format website.)

    There are certain formats that don’t seem an obvious fit for E.COM. Ecommerce formats, corporate and service formats, and portfolio and media/photo display formats don’t seem an obvious fit. (But, we might want to set up an ecommerce system, and maybe a service system, and maybe a media system, as things go along.)

    So, what kinds of things, what sort of look, would you like to see?

    And, 2. What features and tools should be developed? What do we need to have? What should be done first?

    From my perspective as a webdev guy, I’m thinking about expanding the network footprint, which means, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a Youtube account, maybe Flickr and Imgur accounts and other media account, possibly a subReddit, possibly Google Apps and it’s shared cloud tools – the types of things that any serious web presence project assumes these days.

    But, a person always has to be aware of the blind spots that come with excessive familiarity. what is obvious that I am missing? Anybody have an opinion?

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