I’ve always wanted a Consumers Reports of Enlightenment, something that looked at all the tools, techniques, teachers, and teachings on the whole psycho-spiritual spectrum and that could reliably tell me what was a good value and what was likely to work for me. Both Ken Wilber and Charles Tart explained to me personally why it wouldn’t be possible to create such a thing, even with the web, but I’d still like to see it. Why? Spiritual Pragmatism. What works, works. And almost everyone I know really wants to know what works.

As a first step, about five years ago Gabriel DeWitt and I spent some time working out a kind of grid, a 2D map, that would allow us to at visually locate roughly where a psycho-spiritual entity was, or more accurately, where it’s website showed it as being, with criteria that could be objectively evaluated.

Not sure if this particular artifact from 5 years ago is still of any value. My real question is whether such a thing is worth pursuing generally, some kind of map or atlas of what is out there, and some way of beginning to catalog and organize it in useful ways.

multiple axes