Why do I feel my chakras?

From a young age I have felt what I later learned were chakra centers. There was a lot of pressure on my head first, then when I started meditating there was pressure on my third eye, and gradually I began to feel all the centers. Today I feel the crown, third eye, solar and haraa lot. There’s also a center at the top of the spine (back of head) I feel a lot. But I don’t know what the sensations means, if anything. Pressure (sometimes feels like from without sometimes like from within), heat, energy, sometimes even coolness. Why do I feel them?

It might be important to add that a few years after I started meditating and feeling chakra centers, I had a kundalini awakening, that went from the bottom of my spine to the top of my head.


Bill Eichman Answers: 

OP, you wrote this: “But I don’t know what the sensations means, if anything. Pressure (sometimes feels like from without sometimes like from within), heat, energy, sometimes even coolness. Why do I feel them?”

Why do you feel them?

In a sense, the answer to this is simple. If you were to ask an equivalent question about sensation with the same form, you’ll quickly grasp what I mean. For example, a question like this. “I was standing next to a fire yesterday, and I had this strange sensation. The skin on my face and arms felt warmer than when I wasn’t standing next to the fire. Why did I feel that?”

You felt that because your sensory nervous system is designed to capture and alert you to certain types of changes in the physical status of the skin, because those changes have various implications for your survival. You evolved that specific ability to sense temperature change and “display” it, with the help of your bodies nervous systems, brain (or brains, depending on your preferred model), and mind.

The chakra and “energy” feelings that you have are similar. Not the same, but similar. They are “displays”, generated by your body, brain, and mind, representing an information input to you as a sensation.

You activated the displays, and once activated they tend to stay activated. You can try to shut them off, but, there is a distinct tendency for them to re-activate.

If you study them closely, you will notice something. The ‘displays’ of the chakra sensations are clearly not as “hardwired” as the nerves in your skin which detect heat and cold. The sensations you associate with the “chakras” are variable. There will be times when they are very strong, and times when you feel nothing at all, and it won’t necessarily be possible to associate those variations with anything objectively knowable.

What they act like, are ‘virtual senses’. Something like a heads up display, such as a fighter pilot might use, or one might have in a video game, which can be turned up and down in intensity. Except that you probably don’t currently know how to actively turn them up and down. that’s a relatively more advanced capability.

Now, if we are using the idea, the model, of the chakra sensorium being “virtual”, then the next question is, “what is it that the virtual senses of the chakras are ‘displaying’, or showing me?”

That answer is way more complicated.

You might think that I would say that they are showing you “energy”. I’m not.

What I think the evidence suggests is this. They are using a metaphor of ‘energy’ to show you a display of information flows around you and within you, and your ‘tension’ and states of attraction/repulsion and activation/relaxation that are directly connected to those information flows.

I could go on and on, because, as I said, the answers about what the sensations from the ‘chakras’ mean, what they represent, is complicated.

You may however have meant something entirely different with your “Why do I feel them?” question. You may have been asking a question about your stage of development, and not a question about “how do these sensations work?”

If you are asking a stage of development question, then the answer is, “A little learning is a dangerous thing ; Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring .”.

One you start these things, you have to get good at them, and keep training, or be serious about going back to being a normal human, suppressing it and forgetting it.