By internet standards, is ancient, registered in the very early days of the html internet revolution, on April 23, 1995. That makes it about 600 years old, in internet years, an internet generation per year, and each internet generation the rough equivalent of a human generation. Ancient, and powerful.

It has gone thru many forms and many experiments over the years – and now, as all things on the internet must, it has transformed yet again.

We are about to try some new things, and hope to build new teams and communities with more powerful tools and more freedom to create and share and act, to continue to explore our original and core theme.

What is that theme? “Enlightenment”, the ‘perennial philosophy’, the optimum human being, the life truly lived, the great mysteries, particularly the mystery of the vast subjective inner worlds of body, brain, mind, and the experience of existing and “self”, and the greatest mystery of all – “What Will I Do?”.

Others will choose different words and technical languages to describe these things, emphasize other perspectives or cultures or priorities or imperatives, or have other interests and concerns entirely. This is a vast subject and a vast project, and our raw materials have been constructed by hundreds of millions of people, stretching backwards millennia in time, with origins based in ten thousand cultures and from ten thousand places on the surface of this planet. It was a hugely complex human collective that made these ideas and stories and tools, and it will take a collective effort to continue to test and use them, and explore whatever we find.

You already know whether or not you are interested in these things. You are welcome to contribute. Grab a spot, go to work.