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I can’t believe you guys would a waste good domain like this….very sad.

(This article was written by Bill Eichman.)

Yes, thank you. We know.

See, it’s like this. We’ve been studying the question and topic of “enlightenment” since we were teenagers, quite some time ago. Unfortunately, we came to take the question very seriously. This seems like it shouldn’t be a problem, but as it turns out, it is a problem, of a certain type.

Jordan and I and the other folks with skin in this game don’t see everything the same way, but, we do agree enough about many of the important issues that we quite naturally and easily have adopted a specific attitude towards this site’s “potential”.

And it is this. The potential is too important to use lightly, and too important to throw away or give away.  the time may come when people want to try to have an entirely new conversation about “enlightenment”, taking it very seriously as something that is actually very real,  reliably replicable given the proper conditions, and in effect a kind of birthright for humans as a species.

Our position is that “enlightenment” is not “spiritual” or “supernatural”. It is not teleological. It is not an ending, it’s a beginning. It is not moksha,  in the sense of “liberation from rebirth”. (At least not in the conventional sense and common understandings of the moksha concept groups.)

We hope that we are protecting this domain names potential, and preventing it from being turned into just another lame cultic scam.

You see, if you study the history of “enlightenment” closely, in both its ancient context and very particularly in the modern context, you can’t help but be struck by something that is so completely ubiquitous, so intertwined with and embedded into the “enlightenment” traditions, old and young, as to be utterly inescapable. But, like the emperor’s new clothes, it is steadfastly ignored, and treated as if it were not right there, in plain sight, inescapable, and not just fully in view, everybody is tripping over this stuff constantly, going down full faceplant into the muck, again and again. But no one dares speak of it, at least not in one’s own system or school or lineage, or community or ashram or whatever it is that we are studying at the time, the organized human groups that participate in the “enlightenment” business.

Now, what is this something, this ubiquitous stuff that is so problematic that it requires us to question and reexamine all that we think we know about “enlightenment”?

It’s “enlightenment” bullshit. It comes in many aromas. There’s the creepy bullshit, there’s the money bullshit, there’s the sexual bullshit, there’s the intellectual bullshit, and the cultural bullshit, and the theatrical sets and costumes bullshit, the power games bullshit, the backstabbing bullshit, on and on and on.

Now, that stuff is in itself enough to give any reasonable person pause. Ultimately these things could be forgiven. They always have been. the show must go on, and even monks need to eat. If everybody just makes one little adjustment in their thinking,  it’s actually quite easy to overlook a few pecadillos of some horny old roshi or famous enlightened guy, up to and including murders and rapes and misdemeanors and the running off to other countries or to one’s mansion or whatever.

What is that adjustment? Oh right. It’s this. Privilege, and blaming the other. Some people are more equal than others. Don’t look at them, look at those REALLY BAD MOTHERFUCKERS over there, looking suspicious as hell. They are the cause of all this. Besides she wanted it. And so what if I have a mansion. If you were as enlightened as me you could manifest a mansion. Buy my book, you’ll probably have a mansion in a year.

Now this leads us to the central pile of truly noxious bullshit, the bullshit that, once you have seen it, cannot be unseen. The bullshit that falsifies the “enlightenment” traditions as we see them today.

And I will talk about this in the next installment of this series.

In any case, for the time being, we have chosen to make sure that the domain name enlightenment.com will not be owned by one religion or another, or marketed by one holy man or another, or used as a profit-generating device in an “enlightenment” pseudo-business or content business.

Because we might want to use it to talk about a real enlightenment.

Or maybe we will give up and sell the name to a huckster.

To be continued..